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Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils. Essential oils are volatile plant oils which are obtained from flowers, trees, plants, herbs or resins. Powerful earth magic, connecting us to nature and each providing its own therapeutic property.

Some oils relax, others stimulate, or may help to clear the mind. Excellent for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. A bespoke aromatherapy blend in either a lotion or carrier oil is included with your session including UK postage.

There are many websites promoting the use of essential oils on the web, some of which advocate methods of use which are not safe. It’s difficult to know who you can trust and how to tailor that information to your own needs.

I have trained to advanced level in aromatherapy for hormone balance and pregnancy. Following receipt of a completed consultation form I can advise on safe, bespoke aromatherapy blends to support your hormone balance and pregnancy (from 12 weeks)













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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies are beautiful, subtle energy healing remedies. They are safe for use in pregnancy and for children.

Each remedy contains the vibrational blueprint of the plant it’s made from. Flowers and plants are so beautiful and just the sight of them can cheer the soul, Bach remedies are a convenient way to support our healing with the power of plants.

When we ingest the remedies they work on our emotional level of wellbeing. Bach flower remedies may help in times of emotional disturbance. The remedies may support us to feel peace of mind, courage, self-assurance, support during setbacks, reassurance you’re doing to best, bringing strength, helping you to be sure of your decisions, fearlessness, confidence.

Your appointment includes a beautiful visualisation, time to examine your emotions and for reflection, whilst selecting appropriate remedies for your individual circumstances.

Remedies are taken internally, a few drops in a glass of water. Or they can be applied topically to the pulse points, added to a lotion, to a bath or made into a essential oil room and aura mist. A bespoke blend is included in your booking, including UK postage.

Dr Bach was a natural healer and created 38 Bach Flower Remedies, he dedicated his life to the discovery and creation of Bach Flower Remedies. The Bach Flower Remedies were created following testing of thousands of plants and gradually he found the remedies he wanted, each aimed at a particular mental state or emotions.