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I’m really excited by my most recent Medichecks blood results!

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that I’ve overcome my own menstrual and hormonal issues, including treatment for abnormal cervical cells, thyroid imbalance, polycystic ovaries and absent periods.

Today I’m going to reveal my test results. I’ve felt unable to do this in the past as I felt I wasn’t making fast enough progress. Given that I help my clients with their health, I felt my health should be perfect! I now realise that I’m a great coach and therapist BECAUSE I’ve struggled with my own nutrition and overcoming sugar reliance and stress. I know the hacks, tips and can give real life, honest insights.

My Story

My thyroid first went out of whack and I was diagnosed hyperthyroid in 2013. I’d had a serious period of work related stress caused by management when I was newly qualified as a nurse and working in ICU in 2012 and I believe this level of stress contributed to the deterioration of my overall health and hormone balance.

I took medication Carbimizole for a year and looking back had side effects but wasn’t aware of them at the time and the Drs never suggested the medication could be the cause. I had headaches but the worst was severe itching. The good thing is that this led me back to aromatherapy and I developed my love for natural, organic skincare which helped!

The difficult thing was knowing whether my symptoms were due to overactive thyroid, or anxiety/stress because many of the symptoms are so similar! Back in 2013 I was fully invested in the medical model. I was nursing and trusted the Drs when they said medication (and potentially Radioactive Iodine/surgery!) was the only option to cure me. I knew damn sure no one would be operating on my thyroid!

I was told it was “probably” Graves Disease, but never informed about my antibody levels.

Happily the results improved and I came off the medication. I had another period of thyroid imbalance in 2017, after another time of intense stress. I asked the Drs if stress can cause overactive thyroid but was always told no.

Today my hormone levels are normal!

The antibodies are still elevated but MUCH improved! In fact they’ve dropped by a massive 482 since my 2018 test, they’ve dropped by 205 since April 2020 and I’m now only 122 and 82 off being in normal range.

My inflammation score has gone down from a massive 9.35 to 3.4! Probably why my joints no longer ache and I no longer get period pain. Increased inflammation can impact on perception of pain, as well as contribute to chronic health issues.

Why do I feel these levels are dropping?

I eat more vegetables and nutritious foods, a lot less processed foods. Reducing sugar, walking every day. I now avoid alcohol in the most part and have significantly reduced stress levels now that I’ve left nursing and work for myself.

I significantly cut down, not out completely the amount of gluten I ate last summer, as well as reducing dairy. Both can contribute to inflammation and possibly impact on thyroid health. This increased again in autumn/winter and I definitely feel worse for it so I’ll be reducing again.

Determined to get my antibody levels into normal range through lifestyle! I’m also determined to get my inflammation levels well below 3 (5 is normal range but lower the better)

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