My Story & Mission - The Womb Wise Woman

My mission is helping women and menstruators who are feeling overwhelmed and experiencing issues with their hormones, menstrual cycle or fertility.

I stand for educating and empowering my clients and community, so that they know that there are in control of their own health and destiny.

So often, the only recommendation by conventional medicine is to prescribe hormonal contraception for menstrual cycle issues. This effectively shuts off the hormonal system, which while effective in the short term, can cause longer term issues and mask worsening imbalances and it doesn’t address the underlying issues. Which is exactly what happened to me!


So how did I get where I am today?

I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to specialise in periods, far from it!

My professional and personal journey has led me to specialising in menstrual and reproductive health. I have worked in healthcare for 18 years, 10 of those being a nurse in ICU, surgical wards and occupational health where I supported women with fertility, menstrual and hormonal issues in the workplace.


My story

I’ve overcome my own menstrual and hormonal issues, including treatment for abnormal cervical cells in my early 20’s, thyroid imbalance, post-pill polycystic ovaries and absent periods. Despite thinking it would never happen, I am now the proud mum to a 16 month old little boy, who keeps me on my toes!

The first time I realised that my hormones were out of whack was 2013. I was working as a newly qualified nurse in intensive care. and I was diagnosed hyperthyroid. The symptoms were awful and made me feel anxious, fatigued and out of control.

I’d had a serious period of work related stress caused by management in 2012 and I believe this level of stress contributed to the deterioration of my overall health and hormone balance.

I remember asking the doctor if stress could be the cause, he replied no, yet everything I’ve researched, experienced myself and witnessed with my clients points to stress being a major disruptive of the hormonal and reproductive systems.

I was prescribed medication that I took for a year but wasn’t given any lifestyle advice. 

Luckily my thyroid seemed to balance out but I had another flare up in 2016/17, again after another stressful period!


Fast Forward

In August 2016, I was due to get married in 8 weeks and we wanted to start a family. I decided to stop taking the pill. My periods returned straight away, although looking back they weren’t “normal” they were pretty light and scanty. Eventually they ground to a halt and I had 5 months no periods.

Ultrasound showed polycystic ovaries. I must admit I didn’t see the GP. I knew I’d be told to have bloods which I did get done and reviewed by a private Dr myself, through the fabulous Medichecks who I now work with for my clients.



The bloods came back with high testosterone. With my other symptoms, facial hair and lack of periods I knew I’d be diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

I wanted to re-balance myself naturally. I significantly reduced sugar, pretty much cut out alcohol and exercised but no weights of high interval that I’d been doing. I started to chart the moon, used essential oils, had reflexology and put methods in place to relax like guided meditations. I also said the daily affirmation “thank you for my healthy fertile body.”

After two months my periods returned and become regular. I truly believe that lifestyle changes and the other work I did helped me to rebalance. The work wasn’t over, I continued to support myself. I learnt womb healing which is a female energy healing method and gave myself regular treatments. It was hearing a similar story during this training that encouraged me to finally believe it was possible for me to conceive, this was a huge mindset shift and turning point!

I drank raspberry leaf and lemon balm tea to support my health and relaxation and in January 2019 on new moon, I wrote that I was so happy to have conceived our autumn baby. By end of January, as if by magic, I was pregnant! Our little boy was born October 2019.

I was anxious about PCOS and pregnancy, at my 12 week scan I asked if my ovaries were polycystic. The sonographer laughed and said “if they were you wouldn’t be pregnant!” Not true at all, PCOS is not an infertility diagnosis, that’s a whole other blog post!


How I support my clients

This is why I’m so passionate about what I do! I guide and support my clients reduce stress and overwhelm, increase relaxation, feel calm, positive, in control and empowered.

I help them to improve mental, emotional and physical balance. By working with me they learn how to chart their cycle and fertility signs. They figure out exactly what’s happening in their body and cycle and find balance, purpose and joy in life. The powerful mind-body techniques I provide support hormonal balance, regulate and restore the nervous, reproductive and immune systems.


How I can help

  • Reduce stress and overwhelm, increase relaxation, feel calm, positive, in control and empowered.
  • Restore mental, emotional and physical balance.
  • Learn how to chart your cycle and fertility signs. Figure out exactly what’s happening in your body and cycle.
  • Find balance, purpose and joy in life. Reaffirm your sense of self and enjoy doing the things you love again.
  • Improve hormonal balance, regulate and restore the nervous, reproductive and immune systems.
  • Feel motivated and supported to make sustainable positive changes to your mindset, beliefs, lifestyle, nutrition and benefit from powerful guided meditations and visualisations.
  • Learn techniques to support yourself during the difficult days.
  • Be open and honest about your feelings with someone completely impartial.
  • You’ll receive resources, recipes, charts, guided meditations and visualisations that are yours to keep. As well as the ongoing support of others experiencing similar to you in our online community, if you choose to join.



I’m now so thankful for these years of uncertainty, stress and affect on my health. Looking back it was quite a journey and set me up so perfectly to find my passion and life’s purpose. Without it I wouldn’t have the lived experience, expertise and wisdom that is now so integral to the work I do and for that I feel so grateful.

If you’d like to work with me, I provide 12 week fertility and menstrual support packages and if 1:1 support isn’t for you at the moment, I have a monthly membership jam packed with support, courses and workshops.

You can find out more and book here.

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