Cycle Clarity Session - The Womb Wise Woman

Cycle Sync Your Business

Is your cycle beginning to cause you problems at work, or in your business?

Are you struggling to keep all the plates spinning and self-care seems to always end up at the bottle of the pile? Striving and overriding your body’s natural cycles, noticing that at certain times of your cycle you may feel anxious, lacking confidence, or that you just struggle with the simplest tasks!

You feel stressed, frazzled, worn down and like the rug gets pulled from beneath you at certain times each month. You strive to keep going at the same pace, but are beginning to realise this just isn’t sustainable and there must be a better way!

Book a Cycle Sync Session.

Cycle Sync Sessions are your opportunity to take a step back. To learn how to work in a way that supports your cyclical nature and the ebb and flow of your energy each month. To get clear on what it is you want to change and to create an actionable plan to re-establish balance in your life, health and business.


Hayley sitting smiling and holding a cup of tea.

How it Works

Once your session is booked and paid for online via the link below, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete and return about your life, work, health and menstrual cycle, as well as what you hope to gain from our time together.

We meet via Zoom for one hour, you’ll be guided through powerful questioning, mind-body techniques and intuition, to identify any blocks or excuses that may be impacting on you creating the changes you crave. 

You’ll learn:

Powerful ways to sync with your cycle to create ease and flow in your life to reduce stress or overwhelm. 

Figure out how to consciously create a life and business you love, without compromise or guilt!

We will finish with a powerful visualisation practice, what can be conceived in the mind, can be achieved in reality. 

You’ll be sent a copy of your action plan and a recording of the visualisation.


Who are these sessions for?

Cycle Strategy Sessions are for anyone who wishes to connect with their menstrual cycle and learn how to live and work in tune with the ebb and flow they experience throughout their cycle each month. 

Many of my clients are busy professionals, working in high pressure careers and women in business, who are looking for ways to establish cyclical self-care and rituals within their life and business. 

Cycle Strategy Sessions are perfect if you just need some clarity and guidance about how to live in tune with your cycle. If you’re experiencing significant cycle related health concerns or major stress and you need additional support and accountability, you may also benefit from menstrual mentoring, which you can find here.