Spirit & Destiny Magazine Feature - Moon Manifesting My Ideal Life & Conceiving our Baby Boy - The Womb Wise Woman

So excited to have been featured on the front cover no less of my favourite magazine, Spirit & Destiny.

I’m so thankful for a gorgeous 2 page spread article which talks about me re-connecting with my spiritual path, manifesting a way out of my nursing job to set up my therapy and coaching business and even talks about Luna Rose Botanicals the menstrual cycle aromatherapy skincare I create.

The article explains how to connect with essential oils and crystals depending upon the moon phase and menstrual cycle and also talks about how I finally surrendered to the Universe to manifest our autumn baby.

I believe it is SO important to use a range of techniques for menstrual and fertility issues. Physical support such as herbs, aromatherapy and nutrition. As well as mindset and spiritual support such as coaching, mindset techniques, meditation, visualisations, affirmations and working with the Luna phases.

I support my clients in the way that THEY need as an individual, some clients prefer to focus on the physical aspects, others a combination. Some feel like they’re tried everything and are open to trying something completely new, such as womb healing or flower remedies alongside any conventional treatment or lifestyle changes they may be already doing.

The focus on the services and support I offer is creating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

If you’d like to find out more or book a chat, email hayley@loveyourcycles.com