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Online Membership

If 1:1 coaching isn’t for you, there’s also the online membership to support. Membership contains resources, recipes, charts, guided meditations and visualisations and you can also join our private membership group for ongoing support from others experiencing similar to you. This option is perfect if you’d like more support, but aren’t in a position to commit to regular coaching sessions. New content is added monthly and optional live sessions are available. Love Your Cycles Membership includes a range of online courses which support and empower you to reconnect with and support your menstrual cycle, balance hormones, or boost your fertility.

The  courses also focus on establishing daily self-care rituals and reducing stress and increasing feelings of calm. Membership will help you to connect to the magic and cycles of nature, the seasons and the Luna phases. Connecting to nature, reminds us that we are part of the greater whole and can provide an opportunity for mindful daily habits and rituals, which bring connection, relaxation and an opportunity to press pause in a frantic world.

Access £100’s worth of online courses, workshops and resources instantly. Plus new training, meditations and live events added monthly, where you will have direct access to me and plenty of support via Q&A sessions in the group and optional group coaching calls.

Membership is free as part of a Period Pamper Box Subscription