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Today on the blog I want to chat hormonal balance, high oestrogen in particular. Symptoms of oestrogen excess include breast tenderness, heavy bleeding, symptoms of PMS, such as headache and problematic mood swings. It can also lead to fibroids. (Low progesterone can cause hormonal imbalance and result in oestrogen excess, I’ll talk about this more in my next blog)

To diagnose, your doctor can check your blood levels around week 3 of your cycle, or get in touch if you’d prefer me to book a test for you to do at home as part of a 3 month program.

Oestrogen excess can be caused by ineffective metabolism and excretion of excess oestrogen. The liver is involved in metabolism of oestrogen and if you have any of the above symptoms ensure that you have good nutritional intake, a variety of fruits such as berries, high quality protein and vegetables. Aim to eat more than the recommended 5 pieces and include more vegetables than fruit, e.g. 6 types of veggies and 2-3 fruit. Aim to cut out alcohol completely or at least significantly reduce.

Alcohol can raise oestrogen, plus often contains sugar and contributes to weight gain, so cutting it out completely even for the short term can help you to re-balance.

Excess oestrogen is then excreted through the digestive system, so a healthy well functioning gut is essential. Your body will also benefit from being free of excessive inflammation. Inflammation can be caused by lack of exercise, alcohol, toxins and additives, processed foods and smoking. Symptoms of inflammation are achey joints, headaches or skin problems such as eczema. You may also feel excessively tired.

Ask your GP for blood tests to rule out underlying issues such as thyroid imbalance or anaemia as these can also cause similar symptoms.

High Oestrogen checklist

  1. see GP for blood tests, hormone and general bloods.
  2. cut out alcohol, reduce sugar and processed foods
  3. consider environmental toxins such as plastic containers or jugs at home, plastics can be hormone disruptive, replace with glass or steel where possible. Reduce unnecessary sprays such as air fresheners, harsh cleaners, pesticide use at home. Research online but don’t stress, the most important thing is to reduce as much as possible, not eliminate completely.
  4. also consider personal care products, use natural and phthalates free such as Neal’s Yard
  5. high intake of nutrients from fruit and veg and good balanced nutrition, ensure plenty of fibre for healthy gut, porridge is great.
  6. put measures in place to reduce stress which can help you with hormone balance and sticking to healthy habits.
  7. ensure adequate and good quality sleep

This is a huge topic, if you’d like more support consider booking a free chat to discuss your needs. I can support you with the mindset and stress reduction techniques that can help you to improve your nutrition, lifestyle and habits.

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