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MENSTRUAL & Hormonal Support

Is your cycle all over the place? Do you wonder if you’re feeling a certain way because it’s that time of the month, but you’re never too sure? Do you feel like your body is out of balance? Are you too busy to listen to your body, but you’re noticing it’s shouting louder and louder for you to pay attention?

Maybe it’s time consider menstrual cycle health coaching.

You’ve spent so long striving for something external and pushing yourself and your body to it’s limits, but now you’re looking for something more. You’ve realised that this something starts by looking internally and listening to your body. Menstrual coaching is a powerful way to do this.

This isn’t just about learning about your body and the cycle you go through each month. It’s so much more than that. It’s about you learning to listen to the intuition within, it’s about connecting with something bigger than you and beginning to remember that you are part of cosmic cycle. It’s about letting all that wisdom and intuition guide you through every stage of your life.

1:1 Bespoke Online Support Packages


I know you’re ready. Ready to make the changes you need to make, to start listening to your body, to be in tune with the environment around you, to create the right mindset to bring balance and find joy in things again.

How does it work?

We will work together for 12 weeks because we want to give the work you do and the changes you make time to make a difference and 3 months is a great window of opportunity for that to happen.

I have a toolbox full of techniques to help you on your journey including powerful mind-body techniques, hypnosis, guided meditation, holistic nutrition, aromatherapy, coaching, flower remedies and menstrual charting. I am also an authorised Moon Mother, which means I can offer you womb healing and blessings which are the most gorgeous and nurturing treatments that can be provided online.

You’ll also receive resources, recipes, charts and bespoke guided meditations and visualisations that are yours to keep. As well as the ongoing support of others experiencing similar to you in our online community, if you choose to join.

I want to help you have these 12 weeks to learn about yourself, your body and your cycle, feel the power of this amazing cycle that your body takes you through and learn to listen to the whispers of your womb.


ONLINE Membership

If 1:1 coaching isn’t for you, there’s also the online membership to support you on your journey to menstrual health and harmony. Contains resources, recipes, charts, powerful guided meditations and visualisations. You can also join our menstrual and hormonal community for ongoing support of from others experiencing similar to you. This option is perfect if you’d like more support, but aren’t in a position to commit to regular coaching sessions.

You will have direct access to me and plenty of support via Q&A sessions in the group and monthly optional group coaching calls.

Try for just £5 for three days then £19.99/month, no contract, cancel anytime, or FREE when you subscribe to Period Pamper Box