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10 Ways to Reduce Period Pain

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Free Menstrual

Cycle Charting Guide

Is your cycle all over the place? Do you wonder if you’re feeling a certain way because it’s that time of the month, but you’re never too sure? Do you feel like your body is out of balance? Are you too busy to listen to your body, but you’re noticing it’s shouting louder and louder for you to pay attention? 

Maybe it’s time to start menstrual cycle charting. 

Charting your cycle can be a powerful self-care practice, it can help you heal and it can also support your spiritual awakening while you move into a whole new chapter of your life. It is your own ultimate, inbuilt intuitive guide – you just need to learn to listen to it and trust itMenstrual charting can help you notice and respond to the signs your body is giving you during each phase, so you can begin to work in harmony with your flow rather than against it. 

You can also explore how your cycle fits into the cycles of mother nature and the moon, so you are being guided by your inbuilt guide, but also by something bigger than you as well. Your body works in cycles, it isn’t just about your period .By charting your cycle you’ll begin to understand that flow and be able to work with it, rather than feel like you’re fighting it. Nature shows us the importance of cycles – a time to rest, a time to bloom, a time to release – and your body wants you to work within your own cycles as well.

Download your free guide to charting your cycle and how to connect with your inner rhythm for self-care and nurturing. If you’d like to go deeper with my support, consider menstrual cycle coaching.


Beautiful Breakfasts

Free 5 day challenge

Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day, especially if you’re looking to balance your hormones, enhance your fertility or regulate your menstrual cycle. Yet so many struggle with it!

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The easy way to establish a nutritious, beautiful breakfast habit.


Introduction to

Moon Phase Charting

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Our menstrual cycle connects us to the cycles in nature, the moon and the seasons.

This is your introduction to working with the energy of the moon and it’s different phases. It’s a great way to remember that we are part of greater cycles of life and it can help with grounding yourself, self-care and goal setting.