About - The Womb Wise Woman

 A little more about me

I’m Hayley (she/her) Womb Wise Woman® and Cyclical Living Expert. Weaving two decades of clinical and natural health expertise, I provide an inclusive, unique, multidimensional approach to business and wellbeing. Blending science, spirituality and ancient wisdom for the modern age. My background is nursing, I was a nurse approaching 10 years, prior to which I worked in various health related roles. 

My holistic therapies training began in 2012, my first treatment room opened in 2015 and I now see clients worldwide with online appointments. I’m a full member of the British Fertility Society, Association of Reflexologists, insured Balens and registered and regulated by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

How did I come to specialise in menstruation and fertility?

My hormones had taken a hit due to stress and in 2013 I’d been diagnosed hyperthyroid. Feeling constantly stressed, anxious and couldn’t sleep. My body was in turmoil, sugar crashes, hot flushes, every fibre of my being screaming at me that something had to give. Eventually it did, in 2017 my periods stopped, I was told I had polycystic ovaries and my life course changed forever. The realisation hit me of how disconnected I’d become from my body. Pushing down my innate compassionate nature to survive the tough situations I found myself at work. Striving and overriding my body’s natural cycles taking painkillers for headaches, aching joints and period pain.

Cycle Awareness

I began making changes, self-care, deeply nurturing and nourishing my body. I began enjoying herbal teas and learning more about herb and flower remedies. Moving more, going out for walks and re-connecting with nature. My experiences led me to train in womb healing with Miranda Gray,  I specialised in reflexology and aromatherapy for hormone balance and studied herbs and nutrition for the menstrual cycle. Since the birth of my little boy, I’ve trained in the Fertile Body Method, mind-body techniques for fertility and I’m currently enrolled on the Red School Menstruality Leadership program.

The biggest eye opener from working with my cycle has been overcoming procrastination, my tendency to people please and over-give to the point of burnout. I’m at my most intuitive, productive, connected and in flow when I practice regular rest in tune with my cyclical needs. I am passionate about supporting other business owners to connect deeply with their own cycle and the moon to boost their business, whilst nurturing their mind, body and soul.

Earth Mama.

August born, I’m a Leo, Sagittarius rising and definitely not your typical Leo, being an empath, intuitive and introvert! When I’m not working with my amazing clients, you can find me drinking tea, loving my plants and herb garden and getting out for walks in nature with my little boy in his pushchair. Being a Mama is incredible, he was absolutely worth the wait. I learn so much from him each day.

I still have the first amethyst crystal I was given a child. My crystal collection has grown somewhat over the years and I love cleansing them with sage and leaving out under the full moon! Some of my favourite things are forests, sunsets, cups of tea, cake, 90’s dance music, binge watching t.v shows like Line of Duty and Game of Thrones and making natural skincare and herbal remedies.

Let’s talk about you

You’re juggling life, business, family and just feel so busy and overwhelmed. Yet you know that you aren’t feeling your best and something has to give.  It’s time to put you first, to make space in your life for you and begin to live in flow with your body and your cycle.

I want to help you feel differently. I want you to be able to stop trying to figure everything out alone, to learn to understand your body and the things that affect it. I want to support you to realise it’s not all about the biology; your cycle is a powerful process and once you step into that flow, you can connect with all the wisdom and power of your body.

You want to find balance, be able to reset your mindset, balance your hormones, feel understood and empowered and find joy and happiness in the here and now.

You’re in the right place, check out the ways we can work together in the menu above, or contact me to discuss your needs.

Client testimonial

Working with Hayley has been just what I needed at this point of my trying to conceive journey. Her gentle nature and sympathetic ear has made me feel heard, supported and reassured.

I love the many aspects that her fertility coaching covers. From her knowledge on women’s health, to meditation, visualisation and aromatherapy, I like the message she brings in connecting back to your body and your cycle – when you are struggling with fertility it can be a difficult relationship!

Hayley has helped me stay calm, positive and hopeful, and talked me down when I am overthinking or dealing with guilt or shame around me natural feelings.

I’ve no doubt that she would be a great support system for any women trying to understand their body and cycle better.